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What you will Get at End Of Internship and Training

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Training Certificate

At the End of Training you will get Industry recognized Data Science Certificate

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 We will recommend you to our network of companies and you will get recommendation from us


Internship and Experience Certificate

You will work on Industry Projects and will get Industry Recognized Experience Internship Certificate 

Training Content 

We'll start with building your foundation for data science with python  

We assume you that you are new to data science so we first work on your basics , we start with basic Python and then we move to Advanced concept, We then introduce you to libraries such as Pandas, Numpy and Plotly

After Improving your Python we Improve your SQL ​​

We teach you basic to advanced SQL concepts, so now you can call yourself programmer who now knows to code in Python, do fundamental analysis of data via Python libraries such as Pandas, Numpy and create dynamic visualizations using Plotly, and also understand how to interact with a a database as that you're now equipped with knowledge of SQL

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Power BI: Important tool for Business Analysts

Now you know how to code and interact with database, so we will teach you how to create dashboards for businesses, which is the most demanding skill for data analyst and business analyst profile

Machine Learning and Deep Learning

We will introduce you to Machine Learning and Deep Learning and you will work on industry projects with industry experts as a part of your internship

Industry Projects

Time Series Forecasting Project

LLM + Generative AI Concepts

Dashboard Projects

Machine Learning Project

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